[Tools, Tips & Tutorials] Xiaomi MI5s Add Google Service with Bootloader-locked


Here i got the phone from a chinese seller which is $318 with 64GB storage, anyone got cheaper price comments here, 😛

So, here comes the phone… No google, no mutli-languages, chinese apps…
I contact the online support and they told me that the official website has still not released the gobal rom and then their techsupport sent me an app name “FCT-googleinstaller-2-v2.0.apk”. They gave the instruction and finally, i got the google service.

Here are the steps:
1. Download the app and install to your Xiaomi Mi5s. — FCT-googleinstaller-2-v2.0.apk (167.87 KB, Downloads: 10)

2. Connect to wifi and run the app(ingore the chinese), and then click the blue button to install 6 Google apps one by one. Click home button when all is finished (The last one is play store).

(Drag the pic to see larger one)

3. Now go Settings- Permissions- Autostart to make all these 6 apps auto startup.

(Drag the pic to see larger one)

4. Go back to Permissions, and give these 6 apps full permissions.

(Drag the pic to see larger one)

Now we have the Google service, it is very easy to install. Mine works fine and it is better to reboot to check again.
Also, if you have unlocked the bootloader, you can use the third-party recovery to card flash google service.Third-party Recovery: Click here!
Google Service for Mi5s Card Flash: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wigbvfalao46pln/gapps-lp-20141107-signed.zip

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