[Rom]Xiaomi Mi4S Rom- Unlock Bootloader Multiple Languages

unlock Xiaomi Mi4S

[Rom]Xiaomi Mi4S Rom- Unlock Bootloader Multiple Languages

New Xiaomi phones and their locked boot loaders have been a source of frustration for international fans of the brand, but fastcardtech.com have managed to unlock it on the newest Xiaomi Mi4S Rom.

unlock Xiaomi Mi4S

The following instructions teach you how to unlock the boot loader on the Xiaomi Mi4S allowing you to installed TWRP and multiple languages on the phone.

The process below is really only for those of you who feel confident with modding your Android phones, for anyone not so confident (or simply doesn’t have time) you could just buy the Xiaomi Mi4S from fastcardtech.com with multi-languages support already added.


How to unlock the boot loader and install multi language ROM on Xiaomi Mi4S


Please be noted we will not take any responsibility for any damage or problems with your device if you follow this guide. Use Windows 64-Bit, users having issue on 32-Bit Windows. You may face this error ” Not enough storage to process this command”. Before flashing it is advised to take the backup of data and make sure that your phone battery is charged enough.

  1. Please go to Xiaomi official website to unlock your bootloader first, or please don’t flash this rom.
  2. Power off your Xiaomi Mi 4S, then go to fastboot mode by Volume Down and Power button.
  3. Click the Mi4S EDL.cmd, and your phone will enter in EDL download mode with Red Led.Xiaomi Mi4S Rom
  4. Make sure you have install the Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Driver you can find the driver in MiFlash directory: C:Program Files (x86)XiaomiMiPhoneQualcommDriver.
    Xiaomi Mi4S Rom
  5. Open MiFlash, Browser and load the Mi4S Multi Language ROM, Refresh, you will see COMXX in the Device, Then press “Flash”.
    Xiaomi Mi4S Rom
  6. Once flashing process completes, Remove the cable and keep Power Button pressed until it Vibrates. The Device will start, wait till completion , it can take up to 10 Minutes.
    Xiaomi Mi4S Rom
  7. Now you have an unlocked Mi 4S with Multilanguage.
  8. If you want to install the TWRP recovery , just follow the step 1 to go to fastboot mode again, and run the Mi4S TWRP.cmd.
    unlock xiaomi mi4s bootloader

Too complicated? Go to fastcardtech.com to buy a Mi 4S with unlocked bootloader, and preinstalled multi-language ROM!

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