Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Cracked Version)- How To Crack The Game

Valiant Hearts
Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Cracked Version)- How To Crack The Game
Valiant Hearts

Valiant Hearts- The Great War (Cracked Version) Introduction:

1. Valiant heart- the Great War was developed by Ubisoft Entertainment which is a type adventure game.

2. This game combinates action, mystery and adventure together including content unique images just like a novel. The game tells the story that four unsung heroes were involved in the First World War.

3.Valiant heart- the Great War is a plot type game, which is inspired from the letters of The First World War, and the game consists of four chapters.

Valiant Hearts 3

Valiant Hearts- The Great War (Cracked Version) Fetures:

1. Image novel for you to play. A breathtaking adventure game, has a unique atmosphere and artistic style.

2. A mixture of exploration, action and puzzle elements. By solving the problems or the enemy front, to help the hero of the game to survive in the war.

3. Playing with a group of roles lost in the trench battle, who help a young German soldiers find his lover! All roles will get the help from their faithful dog.

4. Back to the First World War. The fictional story will take you back to the scene in the First World War- the famous review major battle in the history of the west.

Valiant Hearts 5

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