How to unlock McAfee lock LG G3

Unlock McAfee 1

[Guide] How to unlock McAfee lock LG G3

Many people maybe trapped in McAfee lock, we have found the solution to solve this question. This way need to turn on the phone, but it is very easy, it is not dangerous. How to unlock McAfee? Let’s see some details.

McAfee lock Needed materials:

1. LG Dataline

2. Qualcomm high speed usb drivers

3. BoardDiag by willcracker

4. Flash system tot

5. Fine copper wire

  • When you install qualcomm high speed usb drivers, then your phone will be identified as Qualcomm 9008 (COM), remember the port number
  • If your system is 64 bit, need to remove driver signing ways are:

Turn on command prompt input:

bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON
The last, you need to restart the system

unlock McAfee Way

Step 1: Take out the battery, unload mobile phone top screw, then open it. You will find a metal shield under the camera, then take down it.

Step 2: Move fine copper wire as shown, connect the second point on the right chip with GND Point.

Step 3: Keep on the connection of to points, and use dataline access to mobile phones. Keep on copper wire connection after 5-10s. Confirm the port is identified as Qualcomm 9008 (COM)

Step 4: The administrator open BoardDiag, extract the tot

Unlock McAfee 2

Step 5: Choose AP Check, EMMC Test on the left,  Choose B2(msm8974)- Choose port number – Choose unpack the tot directory, click Start.

Unlock McAfee 3

Step 6: After it finished, Test Result showed in turn: AP:Pass,EMMC N/T,SDRAM N/T, it explained you pass this test.

Step 7: Not choose EMMC TEST, choose RESTORE BOOT IMG, select the drop-down options in any package, click Start. Then choose all packages flash into phone. (Cache,System,Userdata are not important, you don’t need to flash. It wate half an hour) Sbl1 is the last one to flash, it is used for restarting.

Unlock McAfee 4

Step 8: If you flash all packages, then putting in battery to flash Sbl1, phone will restart, then enter the system, it may enter boot loop, this time, you can enter download mode. You can use Board DL to flash tot.

If windows remind you losed dll file, you need to Download Here.

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