Nubia Z11 Max Leaked: 6.0 Inch And 4000mAh Big Battery Phone

Nubia Z11 Max 2

Nubia Z11 Max Leaked: 6.0 Inch And 4000mAh Big Battery Phone

Not long before, ZTE NUBIA Z11 Mini has been published. On 7th June, Nubia will publish nubia Z11 Max, this phone will take 6.0 inch big screen, it will be a big competitor of Xiaomi Max. About the performance of this phone, let’s see some details.

Nubia Z11 Max 1

Compare to Xiaomi Max, nubia Z11 Max‘s configurations are similar, two phones both are two screen phone, processor will use Snapdragon 652, 4GB Ram.

This time, Nubia Z11 Max Battery test table has been leaked, compare to Huawei Mate 8 and Oppo R9 Plus, two phones take 4000mAh and 4120mAh battery.

In nine tests, Nubia Z11 Max with listening to music, online games and take photos, WeChat eight first, only installing the APK is weaker than OPPO.

Nubia Z11 Max 2

According to the files on the interenet, this phone will take 4000mAh big battery, this system looks very good, it increase many new functions. Super Amoled attracts many people attentions.

About Z11 Max appearance, it owns gold, tarnish, silver three colours to choose. It is really a good phone to look forward. I also recommend a good phone- ZTE NUBIA Z11 Mini, it owns 5.0inch FHD IPS Screen, 3GB RAM, 64GB ROM, nubia UI 3.9.6 system, Fingerprint functions. You can buy this phone in Fastcardtech. This website gives cheap and valued phones.

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