Meizu Pro 6 Release- Beautiful And Amazing Phone!

meizu pro 6 5

Meizu Pro 6 Release- Beautiful And Amazing Phone!

Not long before, Antutu has leaked Meizu Pro 6 running score screenshot, the score of Meizu Pro 6 is 99948, which is much better than Kirin 950. Meizu Pro 6 Releasesoon, about some details, let’s see some informations.

Meizu Pro 6 Release

Meizu pro 6 screen size is not clear, it will be still 1080p screen, 3GB Ram and 32GB storage, 5.0MP front camera and 21.0MP rear camera, it will run Android 6.0 system.

About running score, the score of Meizu Pro 5 is 99948, it is more than Huawei Mate 8’s 92746. Although Snapdargon 820 and Exynos 8890 processor has a big difference, but it performances very well.

Meizu Pro 6 Release

GeekBench also leaked Meizu pro 6 running score, single core is 1981, multicore is 6401. Single core is 200 score more than Kirin 950, multicore is 200 score more than kirin 950, it is a little better.

My introduction has done, I think the new Meizu phone is really good. If you want to buy in this phone, I also recommend a good online store: here. It will soon sell this phone.

Meizu Pro 6- 4G LTE Exynos 8890 Octa Core 5.5inch 4K Screen 4GB RAM mTouch Flyme 5.2 Phone

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