Meizu MX5 Hands On: Using Experiences!

Meizu MX5 Hands On

Meizu MX5 Hands On

As an old cell phone maker, Meizu Technology has been tepid. And recently a few hot products are pushing the company to the forefront, Meizu MX5 is a high-quality goods of a few critical product. It does not only have high parameters of the flagship and more populist price, but this product is very attentively. It is taken for granted that Meizu MX5 is very hot.

Today gets the Meizu MX5 Hands On, so here we share Meizu MX5 using experiences with you.

Firstly, we look at the box of Meizu MX5.

Meizu MX5 Hands On 2Meizu MX5 Hands On 3Meizu MX5 3Meizu MX5 4

Its accessories are very delicate, and the take card pin is like a work of art, cable, very thick but very soft.
Meizu MX5 5Meizu MX5 6Meizu MX5 7

Meizu MX5 inherited the Meizu family products consistent design concept. Its appearance is fruity and delicate. Its shell is aluminum alloy after cutting.

Meizu MX5 8Meizu MX5 9

The button layout is on the right hand side, the strength of schedule and feedback are just right. The power button and volume buttons are at close range. One hand can complete screenshots operation, and it is very convenient.

Meizu MX5 10

It outside of the hole was hidden in the bottom, and the USB port and the headphone jack has fixed protective plastic stent, for often insert pull the two parts, the design is very close.

Meizu MX5 11

MX5 is thin, and it also still has great advantage than the fuselage is not thick nexus4.

Meizu MX5 12Meizu MX5 14 2 3 4 5 6

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