LG Nexus Specs Leaked Again! Android Pay is Coming!

LG Nexus Specs

According to Foreign media reports, Google and LG will launch Android Pay in October. It will be the first attempt of Google in the field of payment. Android Pay is similar to Google Wallet, and it will be based on NFC function, such as micropayments of bus card. Android Pay will cooperate with some big business gradually to build and expand its own ecosystem.

LG Nexus Specs

Meanwhile, LG Nexus Specs have been leaked on that time. LG Nexus will install the function of Android Pay, and carry with the system of Android M.

It is rumored that this new device will adopt the Aluminum frame and plastic shell. It also supports the function of fingerprint recognition. As for LG Nexus Specs, it will owns 5.2-inch screen and 1080P display resolution. LG Nexus will feature Snapdragon 620 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. Surprisingly, this new device also carries with 3180mAh battery.

LG Nexus Specs 3 4

As for the camera, LG Nexus will support 4.0MP front camera and 13.0MP rear camera, and it also feature bluetooth 4.2 , Quick Charge 2.0 and NFC function.


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