Kenxinda W9 Review- Waterproof Shockproof Phone!

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Kenxinda W9- Waterproof Shockproof Phone!

Kenxinda W9– Specs

Kenxinda W9


Kenxinda W9 Review– Appearance

Kenxinda W9  Kenxinda W9 Review 6  Kenxinda W9

Kenxinda W9– Conclusion

As a cheap Tri-proof Phone, Kenxinda W9 really takes a good experience to users. With 2GB RAM, 6.0 inch FHD screen and Android 5.1 system, this phone performances very well. As this phone special functions- waterproof and shockproof, it is a good choice for users.

Kenxinda W9– Recommend Star

Appearance ★★★★
Hardware ★★★
Prices ★★★★☆
Function ★★★

Recommended Level:Suggest(B)
Highly recommended(A)Suggest(B), Considered(C), Not worth it(D)

Kenxinda W9 Review– Coupon

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Kenxinda W9 Review– Price

Kenxinda W9 Review 5

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