Huawei Honor Magic Unboxing– 8 Curved Design


Huawei Honor Magic Unboxing– 8 Curved Design

On 6th December, Huawei has hold a new product launch in Beijing, this time, Huawei Honor Magic has been published. Honor Magic is Huawei first artificial intelligence product. Today I will tell Huawei Honor Magic Unboxing, let’s enjoy this beautiful phone.
huawei-honor-magic-unboxing-2About configurations, Honor Magic uses Kirin 950 processor, 4GB+64GB storage, it takes 5.09inch 2K pixel AMOLED screen, dual 12.0MP rear cammera. Battery is 2900mAh, it supports dual SIMcard and dual standby.

huawei-honor-magic-unboxing-5As one phone explored the future, in design, Honor magic feels very fashion. Front panes uses 5.09 inch 2K Pixel AMOLED screen, 8 curved design, whoel phone feels round.

huawei-honor-magic-unboxing-6At the front, the curved surpace gives the device an awesome look and there is a camera sensor sitting at the top right corner. There are also a few other sensors as well like the infrared camera, ambient light sensor, and infrared LED light. There seems to be a special UV coating on the phone to make sure that these sensors remain relatively hidden.


Honor Magic uses Magic Touch, this is honor first phone taken with front touch product. Three buttons mixed.huawei-honor-magic-unboxing-8Honor Magic uses simple border design, two sides take battery button and volumn button. Full mtal frame looks very pure. And Honor magic uses black colour, it owns science and technology sense.

huawei-honor-magic-unboxing-9At the back, the camera on board is a standard 12MP monochrome + black & white sensor module (probably similar to the Honor 8), however, what’s really interesting is the camera design. First of all, Huawei boasts that the camera is completely flat, so it goes well with the overall design. The two sensors are placed a few centimeters apart in horizontal symmetry. Besides the two sensors, you have the standard dual LED flash.

huawei-honor-magic-unboxing-10If you think the innovation is just in the design department, you may just be mistaking. The main highlight of the Honor Magic is even its user-friendly software experience dubbed as the Magic Live with some amazing features like recognizing its owner, smat sensor which senses the environment is dark and thus trigger the flashlight app. Also if the phone is being held in the hand, it will vibrate instead of ringing out. The lists goes on and on.



That’s all my introduction about Huawei Honor Magic. In my opinion, this phone is really a good phone for us to choose. If you are interested in this phone, I also recommend a good online store: Fastcardtech, now this phone is selling!

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