HDC Galaxy S5 Pro MTK6572 Rom Was Released

HDC S6 EX Specs

Recently, I found a HDC Galaxy S5 Pro MTK6572 Rom. Here I share it with you, and tell you how to install the Rom.

HDC Galaxy S5 Pro MTK6572 Rom

Here is a form to tell you the ROM detailedly.

HDC Galaxys S5 Pro MTK6572 FWVGA 1+16

MTK6572 Dual Core 1.3GHz

1GB Ram, 16GB Rom(System shows 2GB Ram)

FWVGA, support Gesture Control/ Heart Rate/ Finger Scanner

Here to check the page.


1. Please check the product first, check if it is your phone.

2. Take your own risk.

3. Suggest you order from Fastcardtech, because they will keep posting roms of the devices.


1. System ui will be the original android ui.

2. Totally Uninstall all the chinese apps, system will be smoothy.

3. Set Chinese as the first boot language.


Battery…(1:1 Copy, better to get an original battery)


1. *#9002# to change the booting logo, can not change back.

2. *#0*# to enter test model.

Rom Link:

Click here.



Cable Flash Guide:

Click here.

Click here to know more informaton about HDC smartphones.

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