AllBe1: Your all-in-one Personal Security Guardian!


AllBe1 is a new finder, which is a great innovation of technology. It contains many features such as an infrared alarm, tracker, silent alarm alert, open drawer detector, smartphone smart lock, motion detection, fitness tracker, UV monitor, smart button and much more.


The finder is packed with multiple sensors that can sense and monitor pretty much everything. And the best thing about it is that it’s an open platform so developers can create endless apps for you – just like with a smartphone.

It will connect to your smartphone via a unique application that will allow you to communicate with it and set the various actions you need it to do for you in your day to day. The app is open source, therefore developers will have the opportunity to come up with an endless amount of apps and ways to use AllBe1!


AllBe1 Functions

It is the perfect personal guardian. Thanks to its multiple sensors it can ensure you, your family, and your belongings a better sense of security for an affordable price.


It can help you find your valuable belongings when you’ve lost or misplaced them by directing you to their location so that you will always know where they are.


Once you activate the AllBe1 app in your smartphone, you can set it to unlock or lock by itself, without the need for a password. The smart lock will activate according to your proximity, so if you are far away from your smartphone it cannot be opened by anyone else.

Use it to monitor your baby’s room temperature and get an immediate alert to your smartphone if it gets too hot or cold.

Once in the sun, it will notify you when it is time to protect your skin with additional sunscreen. This option will help you protect your children from the dangerous outcomes of excessive sun exposure.

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This is really an amazing finder. I hope this article can bring you big funs.

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